Elizabeth May vows to hold ‘national re-examination’ of veterans issues if elected

Elizabeth May says Canada needs a “national re-examination” of veterans issues and she’d begin it immediately if the Greens are elected.

May is campaigning in Atlantic Canada today and made an announcement outside Charlottetown, where the federal Veterans Affairs department has its headquarters.

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Many veterans are angry at both the Conservative and Liberal parties over changes to their pensions and lack of access to supports for lifelong service-related injuries.

May says the Green party would go back to the way disability pensions were paid more than a decade ago, and extend payments to spouses of more veterans of both the military and the RCMP.

2019 Canada Election: Advance polls open

2019 Canada Election: Advance polls open

Those would be first steps toward a bigger reconsideration of how the nation cares for people who’ve served in uniform.

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May says it’s not just a matter of doing what’s right, but of promising young people considering careers in the military that they won’t be abandoned if they’re hurt while serving.

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