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BCU CEO Oksana Prociuk, Detective Todd Moore, and Former Minister of Industry James Moore are just 3 alleged culprits involved in a collusion of Injustice that is getting exposed!

Todd Moore – Level Five Strategic Partners ( )

Customer focus in the Credit Union World and specialized in consulting services.

Detective with the Regional Municipal of Peel for about 30 years.

Enterprise Risk Management Ontario Group

Level Five Strategic Partners has partnered with PRA Group (specialists in Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and Internal Audit) to deliver a comprehensive, customized and proven ERM process to the ERM OG. This process has been mapped to the requirements of DICO to ensure full compliance with the requirements under by-law 5.

The ERM OG Includes:

Bayshore Credit Union, Buduchnist Credit Union, Education Credit Union, Fort Erie Credit Union, Ganaraska Credit Union, Italian Canadian Savings & Credit Union, Lambton Financial Credit Union, Member Savings Credit Union,Mennonite Savings & Credit Union,Motor City Community Credit Union, St. Stanislaus – St. Casimir’s Polishes Parishes Credit Union, The Toronto Municipal Employees’ Credit Union

The deliverables:

Board risk management policy design and review
Roles and responsibilities
Risk Management Oversight Committee and Executive Level Team terms of reference
Risk Identification, assessment and measurement
Risk appetite and risk tolerance
Risk response and action
Risk trending
Risk reporting to management and the board
Key risk indicators and qualitative risk assessments
The Risk Dashboard and much more
The process will establish a practical, operationally based work plan for implementation of ERM. In addition a network of ERM specialist is created from all 13 credit unions, Level Five and PRA to assist in the implementation and ongoing development of ERM within the credit union.

The ERM OG will be able to bringing ERM expertise at a fraction of the cost through the sharing of expenses and the building of a network. The process is delivered in various forms including face to face meetings, webinars and conference calls. The ERM OG is a way of ensuring that ERM will be implemented correctly and with the right degree of complexity for each of the individual credit unions.

The team at Level Five includes Randy Tanaka – former Vice President of Central One Credit union.

Level Five various strategic partners include, Cumis, Veritas Training Consultants, and many other. However, the strategic partner that stands out is definitely Veritas Training Consultants.

Veritas Training Consultants Inc.

Veritas Training Consultants Inc. (Veritas Training) is a subsidiary company of Canadian Armed Robbery Training Associates Inc. (CARTA Inc.) and provides investigative, safety and security management resource training solutions for businesses in the financial, retail, commercial, pharmacy and trucking industries.

Veritas Training Consultants Inc. in partnership with their training partners have developed and assembled a selection of comprehensive online robbery training programs, robbery seminar training courses and robbery assignment kits which are beneficial for employees in high-risk industries, to assist them to properly manage an armed robbery situation in the workplace. These resources can also help senior management personnel minimize liability, in the event of injury or death to an employee, in a robbery incident.

Veritas Training Consultants Inc., in partnership with their media training expert offer both an online Media Relations in a Crisis Training Course and an online Crisis Communications Training Course which provide a foundation in how the media can become an ally instead of an adversary in preserving a company’s reputation during a crisis, as well as the objectives of an effective crisis communications plan.

Veritas Training Consultants Inc. in conjunction with their qualified training partner offers a comprehensive online Security Guard Basic Training Course Training to meet the Ontario Ministry guidelines.


Veritas Training Consultants have alleged to have close ties with Ukrainian domestically and internationally.

Allegedly, Todd Moore also has close relations with companies associated with Ukrainian Communities like ARTA LLC.

Todd Moore – President Veritas Training Consultants Inc. & CARTA Inc.

Todd Moore is the President of both Veritas Training Consultants Inc. and Canadian Armed Robbery Training Associates Inc. (CARTA Inc.), Canada’s leading robbery mitigation and threat management program. Since 2005, his companies has been providing armed robbery seminar and e-learning training to financial, commercial and retail businesses across North America. Todd is currently a Police Detective with a large Municipal Police Service and has 25 years policing service with extensive experience in various specialized investigative units. Todd was a former investigator in the Robbery Unit for several years where he was responsible for the investigation of financial, commercial and transportation armed robberies.

In 2003, he was the recipient of the Canadian Bankers Law Enforcement Award and Gold Medal in relation to a complex armoured truck robbery investigation.

In 2009, CARTA Inc. and their US partner ARTA, LLC partnered with AFI International Group Inc. / IMAC Services and developed the online Truck Hijacking Response Training Course which is the only truck hijacking course available in North America.

In 2012, Veritas Training Consultants and their US partner AFI International Group Inc. / IMAC Services expanded the online Armed Robbery Response Training & online Truck Hijacking Response Training by developing three additional online training programs specifically designed for management personnel, front line employees/drivers and a short refresher course.

Also in 2012, Veritas Training Consultants in conjunction with their US partner PharmaSafe developed the online Pharmacy Robbery Response Training & Certification which is completely customized for the pharmacy industry, to teach employees how to deal with armed robberies.

Todd is a designated Certified Security Professional (C.S.P.).

Irene Bakaric – MediaPrep

Irene Bakaric is the founder of MediaPrep, a media training, media relations and crisis communications consulting firm. She helps clients develop media strategies and skills. She offers solid, experienced communications counsel and prepares spokespersons to perform under pressure.

Ms. Bakaric advocates the importance of being prepared when dealing with the media, particularly in times of crisis. She has developed messaging and provided training for senior executives and key spokespersons in a number of sectors including manufacturing, healthcare, education, financial services, utilities, energy and technology. She has worked with government, non-profit organizations and the research and scientific communities. She has helped clients deal with sensitive and controversial reputation issues.

Ms. Bakaric is a dynamic trainer, consultant and keynote speaker who travels to share her professional insights and expert advice. She offers clients the insider perspectives of a veteran broadcast journalist who gained extensive media experience working as an investigative reporter, producer, interviewer and host on several nation…

James Moore – Canadian politician who formerly served as the Minister of Industry in the cabinet of Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Allegations are with the P.C. Party and Leader at the time, Stephan Harper

Allegations of James Moore close ties with Ukrainian Canadians – READ IT HERE

Allegations that the “Moore Name” is associated with many Unions, Corrections Canada, and more key organizations.

Allegations that the Moore Conglomerate and BCU Credit Union mandate to destroy prominent GTA Businesses and the lives of families through a consortium and collusion that went from local banking, to police departments, to Brampton courts, to Correction Service Canada, to now Progressive Conservative Party and even the PM Office itself.

Allegations are that lawsuit and legal proceedings could be brought forward that will include:

PC Party
BCU Credit Union
Law Firms
Police Departments
…and more
Oksana Prociuk is alleged that could be responsible for a “tidal wave” of injustice that had now hit the likes of the Minister’s Office and the P.C. Party of this Great Country.

Stay tuned for more as we unravel and expose more of this Injustice.

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