Court filings demand public accounting of additional crimes attributed to nursing home serial killer

March 11, 2019

Lawyers representing Ontario nursing home patients are demanding police hand over everything they know about two more crimes serial killer Elizabeth Wettlaufer is alleged to have committed. The 51-year-old former nurse provided information about the crimes last year, while serving a life sentence for murdering eight patients in her care, and trying to harm, or kill six […]

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2nd Elizabeth Wettlaufer crime kept secret during inquiry into her 8 known murders

February 7, 2019

Ontario prosecutors knew serial killer Elizabeth Wettlaufer had committed a second additional crime against a patient in her care, but appear to have kept it secret from the public and a multimillion-dollar inquiry looking into why the former nurse’s crimes against patients went undetected for so long. CBC News has learned that police determined Wettlaufer used a […]

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Public inquiry knew serial killer Elizabeth Wettlaufer confessed to more crimes

February 2, 2019

The lead lawyer for the public inquiry into how former nurse Elizabeth Wettlaufer’s attacks on patients went undetected for so long, now concedes the inquiry has known for a year that the serial killer made more confessions. Mark Zigler, the inquiry’s lead co-counsel, issued the statement Thursday night after CBC News reported that Wettlaufer made more confessions to […]

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Elizabeth Wettlaufer confessed to attacking a 15th patient. The public was never told

January 31, 2019

At least three Ontario police services were aware that serial killer Elizabeth Wettlaufer confessed to attacking a fifteenth elderly patient, yet the crime was withheld from the public and was never disclosed during a multi-million-dollar public inquiry looking into Wettlaufer’s crimes and why they went undetected for so long. CBC News has obtained a partially redacted […]

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How giving jobs to stray cats helps keep their numbers in check

December 28, 2018

Here’s a help wanted ad for you: Hard-working, career-oriented cats being sought by the Ontario SPCA for a new program that aims to match unsocialized strays with farms, warehouses and breweries where they can work as mousers. “We’re looking for a cat who doesn’t like the in-house, on-the-lap lifestyle, who’s a little more adventurous,” said Dave Wilson, senior […]

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Woman charged in connection with triple homicide southwest of London

November 24, 2018

Provincial police have arrested a woman in connection with a triple homicide in Middlesex Centre, near London, Ont., earlier this month. Kirsten Bomberry, 36, of Six Nations of the Grand River was arrested on Friday and charged with three counts of accessory after the fact to murder.   On Nov. 4, one woman and two […]

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Child killer Terri-Lynne McClintic back in Ontario prison, victim’s father says

November 22, 2018

Child killer Terri-Lynne McClintic is back in an Ontario prison after a brief and controversial stint in an Indigenous healing lodge, according to her victim’s father. Rodney Stafford said on Thursday McClintic has transferred back to Grand Valley Institution for Women in Kitchener, Ont. The “next step,” he said in a Facebook post, which CBC News confirmed, is getting McClintic into maximum […]

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Legion’s digital poppy is symbol of remembrance you can share on social media

November 4, 2018

The Royal Canadian Legion is embracing the digital age with a new virtual version of the symbolic poppy. “We really need to go with the times, and we’re trying to reach a younger audience,” Pamela Sweeny, the Ontario Legion’s provincial executive director, told CBC’s London Morning Thursday. Sweeny noted that fewer people are carrying around […]

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‘Send her back!’: Woodstock protesters angry killer Terri-Lynne McClintic now at healing lodge

November 3, 2018

About 200 people protested outside a courthouse in Woodstock, Ont., on Saturday against the transfer of convicted killer Terri-Lynne McClintic from a federal prison in Ontario to an Indigenous healing lodge in Saskatchewan. “Send her back!” the protesters chanted at the rally. McClintic, 28, pleaded guilty to first-degree murder in the death of Tori Stafford, 8, in 2010 and was sentenced […]

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Convocation speaker apologizes for ‘Playboy’ remark at Western University

October 31, 2018

Businessman and philanthropist Aubrey Dan has apologized for a remark he made during a convocation ceremony at Western University on Friday, which some faculty members deemed sexist. During his address to the graduating class, Dan — an alumnus of the London, Ont., school — cited Playboy when he recalled his reasoning for transferring there as […]

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