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It has just been reported that Bayshore Credit Union BCU#2 has also been Moored.

Confidential Human Sources are saying that during the years of 2010-2015 BCU #2 was defrauded in the millions.

Criminal Proceedings are set to take place later this year for three individuals from Belleville;

The local Crown attorney’s office is working toward setting trial dates for a case investigators allege involves a million dollar fraud of a Belleville credit union dating back to 2015.

The case involving three accused has proceeded by way of direct indictment, after the Crown convinced the Deputy Attorney General, that due to the length of time the case has been lagging before the court, it was prudent to skip the preliminary hearing stage and start canvassing potential trial dates.
“We did get a direct indictment from the Attorney General because of the length of time that the proceedings were going on,” said Hastings County Crown Attorney Lee Burgess. “We hope to set a trial date in the near future.”

The next court date is set for next week. The Intelligencer has confirmed the institution involved in the alleged fraud is Quinte First Credit Union.
A notification on the company’s website indicated in January 2017 Quinte First Credit Union Limited was formed through the amalgamation of Bayshore Credit Union Ltd. and QuintEssential Credit Union Limited.

Belleville police were contacted by the credit union in October 2015 with a complaint regarding the actions of a former employee. READ MORE HERE 

It is alleged that this made its way up and down the 401 where Buduchnist Credit Union and its CEO Oksana Procuik were Moored as Five years of bank statements were used illegally to fill in the blanks for the Bayshore fraud

It is alleged that because of this, businesses and families have been destroyed due to court decisions that will now be in question.

The most damaging effect was on a family and an established business in the GTA that have been subject to prison, financial disasters, and a horrendous nightmare that has inflicted damage to hundreds possibly thousands of people.

Subject to court injunctions, criminal, and civil proceedings that had no grounds but decisions only to be upheld due to illegally obtained documents, forgery, fraud, entrapments, and many more to be discovered.

Under the hand of CEO Oksana Prociuk this was all made possible as the question of complicity or complete stupidity will have to be answered.

Former Minister James Moore will not only be under scrutiny for the relations with the Ukrainian Community as it fact that the former Minister took on the role as legal adviser to the prominent and established law firm Denton’s.

It is also fact that Buduchnist Credit Union retained the legal Service of Denton’s for the soon to be the most corrupt cover up in Canadian History.

The optics of Buduchnist Credit Union rose the question who will stop the bleeding before this spins out of control.

Stay Tuned for more……The Peel Spec

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