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The spiral of turmoil for the pinnacle of the Ukrainian community Ms.Oksana Prociuk, CEO of Buduchnist Credit Union Ltd and President of BCU Foundation is all located at 2280 Bloor Street

Turmoil is spinning out of control

Confidential Human Sources are now saying that Oksana Prociuk had several chances to rectify many situations that are now shedding light on truth. A truth that once revealed will only beg one question “ Why didn’t you stop this when you had the chance?”

A truth that is days away from exposing a consortium of lies, deceits, entrapments, and the most important factor will be that Canadians that are known by the world as people of kindness, Justice, and respect that uphold the principles of humanity.

One only has to think to put all this at risk and to jeopardize the reputation of your own community with the knowledge of what is to come and a solution that would resolve what is happening, that’s one hell of strong arm dangling carrots or just plain dumb…

Stay Tuned…still lots more to come at

About Buduchnist

Buduchnist Credit Union was the result of the vision, effort, courage and perseverance of a group of enthusiasts who, 60 years ago, were inspired by the cooperative spirit. Today Buduchnist is the largest Ukrainian credit union in Canada.

The founding members of BCU were immigrants who came to Canada after World War II. Naturally, upon their arrival they encountered many obstacles, first and foremost of a financial nature. In 1952, it was the intent of the founders to establish a financial institution which could assist its members achieve financial stability in their new country of settlement, while contributing to the development of a community. The beginnings were humble, but with faith in our unified strength and common goal, the membership and assets of the Credit Union grew at a steady pace. more

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