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There’s an active FundRazr campaign that everyone should know and help out! Zen Yunko was recently defrauded by BCU Credit Union and the cast of character is shameful to say the least.



I am a Film & TV Producer & Investor who has put his life and career on hold due to a FRAUD committed by BCU Credit Union and their Lawyer who conspired to take my property away due to its value and location. And did! Please help me right this wrong.


I am a Film & Television Producer and Investor first and foremost who has had to put his entire career and life on hold due to this horrible situation.

I feel quite embarrassed having to post this to be completely honest.  I have never had any issue with funding.  Worked hard since I was 12 years old and became very successful.

My first IA (Investment Advisor) @ CIBC WOOD GUNDY kept making decisions without my input and or KNOWLEDGE causing major losses.  They decided best to hide all of this! Eventually they ushered him out quietly to avoid any problems and legal issues but that didn’t stop him from doing this at BMO Nesbitt Burns.

Presently, this IA, well, he’s sitting in jail for stealing $9.2million. Greg Rao is his name.  Then CIBC WOOD GUNDY paired me with Greg Rao’s Office partner Garry Paspalofski who at first was great BUT then when he switched branches, didn’t pay attention and kept forgetting to fulfill my instructions and only kept apologizing but by that point it was too late, he lost 90% of my investments.

Because of all this I consolidated my finances and went to BCU Buduchnist Credit Union and met with Roman Sharanewych for a Mortgage.  Was refered by a Family Member.  This person knew my Family and his Father was a Priest that taught me in Grade School several times.  All was going well.  I took out a ONE YEAR MORTGAGE and put all PAYMENTS UP FRONT into my account on file so I didn’t have to worry about any payments.

Days before closing he increased the interest rate without notice or justification, telling me take it or leave it!

Every month payments were coming out without issue and then 5 months before term end (November) they made an error and transfered my monies out and put them back after I alerted them to this and then again the same issue and they once again put the funds back into my account and then assured me there will be no more issues.

Then they transfered all my monies out again and told me to cover November and December.  I brought them a cheque and they didn’t cash it even after I kept following up day after day!!!  Cheque was dated DEC 04th and they changed the date which is fraud to DEC 29 purposely. And the deposit slip too!  I though I can only make written changes and initial them on my personal cheques and deposit slips.  In a later ruling FSCO (Financial Services Commission of Ontario) stated they had no right to alter my cheques and deposit them late, purposely.

My contract stated that should I miss 3 payments, 14 days after, they can foreclose and take the property away from me.

They filed a claim at a Courthouse over 2 hours away from me purposely to move it along faster for themselves.  LIED in the Statement by saying I missed 3 payments (OCT NOV DEC) which was not correct.  Bank statements show OCT was paid. NOV DEC payment they purposely didn’t cash to create what amounts to a false story of missed payments to suit their fraudulent agenda.

They succeeded!

And then they evicted me.

When we went to Court, JUSTICE GRAY of the Milton Courthouse stated “THERE ARE NO ISSUES WITH PAYMENT, JUST LEGAL FEES IN QUESTION”.

JUSTICE GRAY instructed the Credit Union to prepare and send me a discharge statement with the fees he instructed.  Discharge statement came with fees over and above what was endorsed by Justice Gray.  We had to go back to Court and BCU’s lawyer BILL CORD of McBride Wallace Laurent & Cord LLP kept continuing the same strategy.  Every time the Justice instructed him to follow an Endorsement he would NOT.  And eventually they put the house up for sale.

They sold my property under the appraised value.

Roman Sharanewych ending up funding the mortgage and buildout to a friend of his named Peter Czerny and they demolished and rebuilt my property and sold it for a great profit to which I am certain Roman Sharanewych received some sort of kick back.

I have filed a complaint against the Law Society for the misconduct of Bill Cord and now understand that I can file a lawsuit against them for filing a false statement of claim, FOR CONSPIRACY!!!

The real estate agent (NADIA PROKOPIW) assigned to the sale, her daughter received a scholarship to Queens University from the Credit Union, coincidence? (CASSANDRA PROKOPIW)

They took most of the monies from the proceeds.  I got nothing!  They even fraudulenty charged me for work on a brand new boiler I installed,  They cahrged fees just under $8,000.00 for no reason. (more to this story)

How can an individual who is to be trusted with your finances act unbecoming of a financial loans advisor and with create fraudulent information and even tell me directly “I do not like you and will take your house away from you, watch me!”

Is this the manner in which a Credit Union should be allowed to conduct business in this day iand age, allowing Roman Sharanewych to use funds at his disposal like it is his own piggy bank?  Their lawyer needs to understand he is NOT above the Justice and his Endorsements!

Bill Cord showed up to the office DRUNK when I had to sign off on the final discharge which he delayed for close to a year purposely.  Not only that, he drove to the office that day intoxicated.  We saw it clearly and smelled the alcohol on him.  Is this the manner a legal representative should behave.

I have tried to keep it short, as there’s a lot more detail to the manner in which they treated me. And it only makes the reality of this stink even worse.

Please help me make some noise!!!

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